This is a foreign currency current account i.e. Pounds, Euros, Dollars, Yen, etc. Is a foreign currency deposit account targeted at existing and potential domiciliary customers with balances $5,000.00 and above. It offers attractive interest rates and highly reduced transfer charges. This is compulsory to every donor beneficiary and borrower to open domiciliary account under our foundation at any of our representative zone. MOHSIN HAIDER DARWISH CHARITY FOUNDATION did not accept any individual account due to the security reason.

This domiciliary account must be open for you on our behave and your Account number with other document details including your ATM Visa or Master Electronic card will be send to the beneficiary through DHL as soon as it ready.


Minimum opening/operating balance of $5,000, €5,000 or £3,000 to $100m, €80m or £75m
Account is operated with a specialised non-clearing cheque book
Foreign draft issuance allowed on the account
Suitable to open the Domiciliary Account? Individuals of all classes and Corporates

Guaranteed float income
Interest credit as high as 1% per annum
No charges on over-the-counter cash withdrawals.
It gives you more control over unstable currencies: Just as I explained above, instability in the economy could cause negative effects on your business. But with a domiciliary account, you do not need to worry because no matter what the price of dollar or Euro or Pounds may be, you are shielded from the effect because you pay directly using the foreign currency and not with the local Visa or Master card which the banks will charge a high exchange rate.

You can receive direct foreign currencies: Instead of your bank converting the foreign currency for you into your local currency, the domiciliary account allows you to be able to receive foreign currency directly.

This will enable you decide what to do with it.You can use the money to pay for goods or services online
You have an interest rate of 12% per annum as long as the account balance is not lower than 100 dollars.
You can transfer money to any bank account in the world.

It makes conversion of currency easy as you can withdraw your money in any currency you want.
Transfer charges on account as low as 0% flat Inter sol withdrawal allowed on account

A domiciliary account makes it easier to use your ATM Visa or Master Electronic card all over the world. You simply instruct your bank to transfer the desired amount of money to another account within the bank or to an account at another bank with your ATM Visa or Master Electronic card.

No cash limit to number of withdrawals in a day
Cash withdrawals from an initially deposited cash will attract a 0% commission
Cash withdrawals from a cash inflow or funds transfers (credits) attracts a 1% commission
Inter sol transactions (account owner only) are allowed.

MOHSIN HAIDER DARWISH CHARITY FOUNDATION OR OTHER ACCOUNT “IN TRUST” The Bank is not required to recognize any person other than the person(s) who opens such an Account as having any interest, beneficial or otherwise, in the Account. If the Bank agrees to open an Account “in trust” for a beneficiary from MOHSIN HAIDER DARWISH CHARITY FOUNDATION. it shall be upon such terms and conditions that the Bank shall determine. You further undertake to operate such Account solely for the benefit of the beneficiary, without any monitoring obligation on the part of the Bank. You agree to indemnify the Bank against any loss or liability in respect of publication, broadcast, communication share with other people except the foundation or upon same being made available by the Bank. The Customer shall bear all risks of communications made by the Customer to the Bank and vice versa. The Bank is absolved of any liability or responsibility in the event that any communication is delayed, intercepted, lost and/or failed to be delivered or in the event of any unauthorized access to the content of such communication.

STATEMENTS OF ACCOUNT Statement(s) of Account, in such form as the Bank deems appropriate may be sent to the Customer on such periodic basis as the Bank may determine to any physical address, email address or other location (actual or virtual) the address/details of which may be in the Bank’s records. The Customer shall report any omission, error, anomaly, inaccuracies or matter of concern in a Statement of Account to the Bank within 14 days from the date of the Statement of Account, failing which the Statement of Account shall be deemed to be binding on the Customer, with no responsibility or liability on the part of the Bank. Without prejudice to the responsibility of the Customer in the preceding sentence, and notwithstanding anything contained in these terms or any other document, the Bank may alter the entries which had reflected in a Statement of Account at any time to correct any error therein or for any other reason in good faith.

ALERTS The Bank is hereby authorized to, at its sole discretion or upon a request by a Customer, send notification(s), alerts or information to a customer in respect of a debit and/or credit and/or any other transaction(s) on the Customer’s Account as well as any security, promotional, operational and/or any other information/notification deemed appropriate by the Bank via electronic mail, text message, facsimile transmission or through mobile devices and/or other electronic channels or other means as the Bank may deem fit (“Alerts”), at a fee prescribed by the Bank from time to time. Alerts may be delayed, prevented or affected by various factors which are not in the direct or sole control of the Bank and further accepts that the Bank does not guarantee the delivery, timeliness or accuracy of an Alert or content thereof. Alerts are provided for convenience only, and it is the Customer’s responsibility to use other means of obtaining formal information on an Account.